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Different Types of Porcelain

Porcelain tiles as the superior choice in wall and floor covering comes in many different sizes, colours and finishes. There are four main types of porcelain that are being sold in the market. Each type comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Full Body Porcelain

As the name implies, this type of porcelain has the same surface as the body. There are two main versions, the speckled (salt & pepper) and the micronized grain version.

porc-sp  porc-micro


Multiple (Double) Loading Porcelain

Composed of fine speckled biscuit and micronized topping. The two layers are then pressed together.



Porcelain with Soluble Salts

Soluble salts composed of metal oxides and water are spread through a screen on white biscuit porcelain, which then penetrate the body of the tile and release colouring during the firing process.



Glazed Porcelain

Produced by applying thick layer of glazed (glass) on fine speckled biscuit after pressing. Glaze acts as sealant on top of the surface, but generally not heavy wear or scratch resistant.