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Why Use Mosaics?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons, there are many reasons why mosaics are great as wall decoration. We have put together a few that you could use to consider using mosaics for your project.


Mosaics provide a fix focus for our line of sight. With plain white (or other uniform colours) wall tiles, our eyes do not have anything to focus on when we are looking. Although this can give illusion of space, it can also tire the eyes quickly. Appropriate choice of wall decor will allow our eyes to focus on something.

Create a theme

By using matching or contrasting colours of mosaics to your furniture, we can create a ‘themed-look’ for the room. For instance, blue-ish glass mosaics will go well with nautical theme, or glass and stone mosaics to complement rustic settings.

Great for curved areas.

Mosaics are great to cover curved areas as they provide better flexibility in fixing.

Used as part of wall fixtures.

Glass mosaics can be used creatively to be a part of wall fixtures, such as a frame for the mirror, or points where wall hooks are to be placed.


We carry various kinds of mosaics that provide many options for your projects. Click here to browse our mosaics ranges.

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Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

There are simple and easy ways to make your bathroom looks bigger than what it is. Here we have some practical tips to help you create your personal space.


Add more space

A really easy cost-effective, space-saving idea is to install wall suspended storage units. This gives you more storage without sacrificing precious floor space. Floating shelves or wall recesses in the shower and around the toilet are also ideal for storing toiletries and other bathroom appliances. Another idea for space saving is using the back of the bathroom door to install a towel rack. Be creative and find ways to maximise your floor space.


Less is more 

Cluttered bathroom always feel cramped and smaller than well organised ones. Try to eliminate as much of clutter as possible by storing toiletries out of sight. Display only essential items and simple decorations is the way to go.


Big is better 

When it comes to floor tiles, go for biggest size you can without sacrificing practicality. Big tiles mean less joints, which means cleaner look. This not only make your bathroom appear more spacious, it will also cut your cleaning chore in half as there are less crevices for dirt to hide.


Light and bright 

Another easy way to make your bathroom appears bigger is by using light colours. Wall and floor tile are usually the largest element in your bathroom. Using lighter coloured wall and floor tiles will open up your bathroom space.



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Exciting Tiled Kitchen Splashbacks Ideas

Tiles make a great wall covering as they are extremely easy to keep clean, and they look great at the same time! This makes them the perfect kitchen splashbacks, protecting the walls around your sink, cooktop or even whole kitchen from splashes and spills.

Using tiles can also a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a whole new look. You can go for simple plain white tile look, or be creative and add splash of colours to make it your own. Whatever you choose, we have great tips to help you.

  • To give your kitchen a sense of continuity, tile the whole wall. This will not only improve the look from drab coat of paint, but it will also make a small kitchen feel larger.
  • Use bright colour or decorative pieces to create a focal point around the cooking area. Use contrasting tiles for other areas if you are tiling throughout.
  • Contrasting grout with rectangular tiles can produce that cool subway-style industrial look.
  • Get creative using different coloured or patterned tiles to create your own pattern.
  • Use a border or trim to separate the splashback from the rest of the room and create a designated area.
  • Choose pattern to reflect your style, grid style for the modern look, stack bond for the more traditional feel.